Parallel Lives: 30/11/2013

When I write this, it should be noted that I  am sitting in the comfort of my little “soft spot” where I can rest my laptop on a table and listen to The War Report by Capone-n-Noreaga on my headphones. In contrast, the “ActiveStills” page on Facebook has been documenting the thundering boots and bursts of fire on the Bedouin strike against the occupation in Palestine/Israel. The semantics don’t matter now because in my shell of relative peace I am trying desperately to come into terms with the parallel lives around me. It is not merely amazing when you come to realize that at this very time somewhere people and lives are falling apart, and it becomes even more overwhelming when we realize in retrospect, how easily we can close our minds out to that and contemplate how racially-slurred or forward GAP might or might not be in their new ad. It is not the politics of the issue or the conspiracy theories that have to take the precedence of thought here, it is that mysterious psyche of ours that can so easily veil out and weigh in priorities. Our hearts go out and stir within when we see those disturbing images of subjugation and destruction but it is immensely more terrifying when it is a completely normal humane ability to tone them down as and when we like. Is that the definition of our heightened senses of receptiveness? Has our ability to take in world happenings in seconds cramped our yearning to spend time thinking about it? It is usual to think that our thoughts don’t mean anything to anyone and are best filed away in the folder designated to be forgotten. It is completely normal to feel defeated after our few moments of silence out of respect or mere awe but it cannot ever be denied that it was the power of human thought that has brought us here. From the dizzying stench of an unsanitary dark age to the glassy eyed nonchalance of this rudimentary existence we call “modern”. Where to next?
Truth is, we are not trying to fit in but striving sweat and soul to catch up with what the smiling faces on the flexes say we must be at. In that rat race have we gone so far past our innards and innate sense of reality that the faltering bystander is too unimportant anymore?
Time for reconnaissance and reminiscence is done. Switch lives.
It definitely is easier to watch the world from this side of the screen.
#lives #30november2013 #theironyofitall


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