Undone Ones

The story goes that Adam was created alone, yet he probably never felt alone. 
Ironically, sitting on a bench in this busy city center, I do. 
We all do.

Crowded breath warms the air.
Life, yet, undone into ones.


6 thoughts on “Undone Ones

    • wow thanks Gabriel… kindest words ever… the pictures , as in sketches are done by me… there are more but I get too lazy to upload them.. :)… the photographs are mostly ones I have borrowed from friends who took them…

      I started going through your work… it seems like a rich site with a lot of beautiful work…will take my time to read and let you know what i feel..


  1. once i was in europe, i was very surprised that people, no matter young or old, sitting on the chair in the square even on week days. i guess the reason might just be easy: because of the sun.

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