I was in a different world when I saw this dream.
This has led to my new story.
This maybe, one of the most beautiful dreams, I may ever have had and I hope to capture its every essence in the story as well.
I present to you… Evya…

Into the distance she looks
Far into the beyond, her eyes stare
As if in wait for something,
in patient penance she sits.

The clouds move aside,
as the sun bustles through
the birds have flown into the world
and yet,
as unimpeded as
the falling sand in eight’s glass,
she sits in unending stillness.

Not a crease, not a twitch.

She is alive,
yes she is, for
her bosoms heave
as she becomes one with the life around.

Yet, still she sits,
like one among the grass,
rooted in the greens,
by nature,
nonchalant to her intrusion.

Who is she waiting for?


I watch her beautiful face
for in it I see something
I never have.

Twitch. Turn.
Her gaze shifts to my eyes.
Unfazed and cold her stare,
my chivalrous shields and
leaves me in sweat.

Glacial remains her face
callous to all feeling.

“Who are you?”
I venture in volatile boldness

Her eyes sear my skin
as she deems me.


Her voice
cryptic as the lives of past
cuts the nullity
as she speaks.

“Evya is my name.
I was dead,


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