I, the Aeonian

I was lost in another world when these words came to mind. I was out under the sky… and for a moment wished to dissolve away into the mud and air.

Maybe…, I thought, it is infinitely more beautiful to live forever as one in the wind, grass and rain…

to be truly lost… I imagine…must be divine.


In this cool I lie
Maidens of win’
Kissing me as they pass me by
Our bodies in desire of the wanton sin.

Green fingers entwine
Their lusty redolence lulling me
More beguiling than Sicilian Wine,
are their whispers of world and sea.

As I lie lost,
The sky beckons.
She winks and steals my ghost
And under the dark, we make love like guilty felons.

In life, I can but only touch
In death, we maybe one
Wind, dirt, rain and all such,
I shall ebb into, until they cast out the sun.


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