Beautiful Noise

While on the odd side of my evolutionary stage, debating whether I was still a teenager or already the “adult”, did I realize that I had spent an entirety searching for the wrong thing. Perfection.

I understand the questioning ganders, but humor me.

Consider the possibility that we had misunderstood the mission statement of our lives. For example, we may have the wrong idea about the whole Titanic deal. Was the movie about the ship sinking or was it about the inseparable, unsinkable love. Hold on to your sticks and stones for  I guess it was about finding something ironically beautiful or perfect in the most unexpected place. She stepped down from the echelons of impeccability or rather its flauntulence that money can buy, into the depths of a rusty, dark world whose abundance was in scarcity. How was it then she found something so beautiful down there?

I do not intend to make a statement by quoting a movie, but merely ask a question quite relevant to our lives. My qualm is that we have been fashioned to think that a perfect plan is the means to a beautiful end for too long. When really, every choice we make is directly or indirectly influenced by the unchanging variables of life’s chaotic charade maybe a bad day today might not be what we had been hoping for all week, but that moment could possibly help us in a “bittersweet” modus of appreciation for the “slightly better” that may happen next.

Surprisingly chaos was apparently discovered by MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz during a weather simulation procedure on his computer. In an effort to save time and space on his slow and clunky Dell computer, he entered a numbered data rounded off to its third decimal place, instead of the actual six. He figured the difference-one part in a thousand was an unimportant, “small puff of wind”. The resulting pattern was an unexpected butterfly-wings resembling imagery, that he ended up calling the Butterfly Effect.

In effect, these realizations effectively leave to waste our persistent plans and calculations, permutations and combinations. We can hardly fight our primal natures, especially one like this yearn for mental and emotional anarchy which in a skewed perspective is essentially beautiful. Imagine if our lives were exactly as we needed them to be, down to the last detail. Every mindless atom of our desires coming together in an intricately designed yet peaceful perfection. But, I imagine this “perfect” state of affairs would end up in a catastrophically stale life. Devoid of desire or passion, we would lose our heads in the hells of easily gratified needs and wants.

I say, let’s stop chasing the myth of satisfaction, for it’s simply too fleeting a moment overthrown too quickly by desire. Let our whims take precedence over that what has to make sense, for nothing does so forever. So, if I have managed to enlighten you, I would be happy as a clam and yet, if I have left you feeling woozy, then too, I win, for that’s the Beauty of Chaos. Cheerio!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Noise

    • I couldn’t have said it better. Primal Instinct, the nudge of whim and pure desire. We gotta realize that it isn’t the bank statement or the car we drive that defines us, but the little things we get to say… yes to!

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